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Sasuke Speaks

Welcome to the my fan club, Shinobis. There are Kages to kill, clans to avenge and hidden jutsu's to discover, so I'll leave this to the Lightsyde from Litmus.

The Basic How

:pointr: How do I become a member?

Just click the "Join group button".

:pointr: How do I submit art?

Click "Contribute Art". Note that you must first be a member of the club.
Most art in which Sasuke is one of the main elements of the picture will be accepted.

Sketchwork and most lineart will no longer be accepted into the club's galleries (no more exceptions). Since we have a good amount of members and deviation submissions every day, it's time to focus a little more on the quality of the deviations that are being submitted into the club's gallery.
If you have a black and white page that is fully coloured then it may be submitted,but it must fully coloured, no WIP

Any deviation that is deemed to be degrading to Sasuke in any way will not be accepted into the club. Some of our members have forgotten that this is a fan club, and not a 'mock-Sasuke' club.

At the #Sasuke-Fan-Club, we do not accept art that portrays Sasuke as 'equal to' or 'below' ANYBODY, not even Naruto. Here, Sasuke is the SUPREME OVERLORD. To clarify - In this club, A FUSION of MADARA, OBITO, KAKASHI, NARUTO AND THE SAGE OF THE SIX PATHS is below Sasuke.

The folders in the Gallery section are Featured|General|Fanfiction|Pairings| Yaoi Pairings|Cosplay| Doujinshi |Contests |. As a member you are to make sure that you are submitting your deviation into the right folder or it will be declined. If you are unsure where to submit your deviation please ask. If there is folder that you think is needed please give a suggest.

If you have 3 or more doujinshi pages then they can be submitted into the doujinshi folder, if not place them in the general folder or in the pairing folder, whichever you feel they belong to.

Pairings are welcomed. Please PLEASE keep it PG 16 at least.

This rule does not apply to fanfiction
Nude Pictures will be rejected.
With regards to fanfics, As of the creation of this widget, fanfics must meet these conditions to be accepted.
At the beginning of the fanfics, state the pairings involved, and if there is strong sexual content (lemon) in it, make that clear. Example: How I need my fanfic to look like before i submit it into the club
They will still be accepted into the club whether they are Yaoi and whether they have strong sexual content or not, but you MUST make that clear.

If you are going to colour someone else's lineart please give credit or it will be seen as art theft and you will be reported.

GIF's that are directly from the Naruto anime/ manga will not be accepted because it violates Deviant Art policies and rules. It breaks the "copyright" law which this image belongs to TV Tokyo and Deviant Art is not accepting .gif which had been taken from the Naruto Shippuden series or any other anime series. Its best to create your own.

Modified screenshots from the anime will not be accepted, please be creative and draw your own stuff. We are trying to encourage creativity & originality.

:pointr: What's the deal with the featured gallery and how do I get my pictures into it?

The featured gallery is usually shuffled daily, with some exceptions. This basically means that if you come here a few days later, you'll see mostly different pictures being displayed in the featured gallery. Mostly. If I decide not to shuffle a particular picture, it's usually my art.

This means that all the pictures in the featured gallery routinely get displayed for everyone to see, so getting your pictures in the featured gallery is a good idea. How do you do this? There are two ways for now.

The first is to become winners of a contest. Contest winners will automatically have their pictures displayed for some time after the contest.

Secondly, pictures that are of decent quality, that glorify Sasuke, will usually be added to the featured gallery. I'm not talking about fantatiscally awesome pictures, since this… is a part of the featured gallery. Just make it a decent picture that shows Sasuke being great and awesome. No obviously pairing picture will be accepted.

We love to see suggested deviations but please don't flood us with them. Please limit it to one suggestion a day

If you decide to rework one of your deviations and place it in storage then thats fine, you are entitled to do so. However, please remove that deviation from the club and re-submit then you are done with it.

Can I submit a review of a Naruto Chapter that has Sasuke in it?
Yes. You may also advertise yourself on the review and create a link to your greatest art. (Whether it has Sasuke in it or not.)
However, keep in mind that this is a fan-club. The review must be Sasuke-friendly. And must be focused on his awesome Sasuke-ness
Review submission by club members is temporarily suspended. Until further notice, club members should forget about submitting reviews to the club. I'm to blame for this personally though, so feel free to complain and/or convince me otherwise.

That's it for now, Shinobis. I may update this widget from time to time. If you want to complain about me not shuffling my pictures, have fun scolding me on my homepage or note me here - Lightsyde

:iconimagyalite::iconshonen4all: :iconxxuchihaclanxx:
We are excited to announce a new contest with dAhub!  Not only can you win a one year premium membership, but we can get a one year group subscription too!  Joining this contest is really easy, check it out:…

All you have to do is upload a new deviation that depicts what our group is about.  You must include a link to this journal in your submission, otherwise your work won't be accepted.  Once you have your work uploaded, submit it to dAhubPLUS here:… before March 15th

Everyone else should watch :icondahub: and then vote for our group's entries during the voting period in March!
More Journal Entries


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